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South Vietnam study shows pig production still most profitable in country’s livestock sector

Another blog article on pig value chain in Vietnam written by ILRI’s Dorine Odongo (communications and knowledge management specialist) for the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish.

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A local slaughterhouse worker cools down his pigs A local slaughterhouse worker in Vietnam cools down pigs with the help of a hose (photo credit: ILRI/Andrew Nguyen).

Under the REVALTER project, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), with other partners including French and Vietnamese research organizations, is working to improve livestock development in Vietnam, specifically in the pig value chain.

Through the project, ILRI is field-testing methods and tools for value chain analysis which have been developed through the CGIAR research programs on Livestock and Fish and Policies Institutions and Markets. The project is conducting a systemic approach of livestock-ecosystems relationships (multi-scale analysis) at the farm, territorial and the value chain levels. Through a collaborative research agreement with the Nong Lam University (NLU), ILRI is working in south Vietnam where livestock development is booming thanks to strong consumer demand by an affluent expatriate population and an even bigger emerging Vietnamese urban middle class in Ho Chi Minh City.

As part of…

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