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Local livestock service providers help improve access to animal health services in Nagaland, India

Delivering animal health services in Nagaland, India

Pigs are an important component of livelihoods and food and nutritional security in Nagaland, Northeast India. Intensifying pig pro­duction to increase income and other outcomes, however, requires an integrated approach that addresses needs for better pig housing, nutrition, health and genetics. To address the heal challenges, a new model for the delivery of animal health services has been developed and tested as part of a Tata-ILRI partnership pro­gram in Nagaland.

A research brief by V. Padmakumar, Ram Pratim Deka and Keith R. Sones describes a collaborative (government-NGO) model that trains young men to become Livestock Service Providers (LSP). The main advantage of the approach is that it reaches remote farmers who previously did not get any kind of animal health care services.

Download the brief

This is one of seven briefs from the Enhancing Livelihoods through Livestock Knowledge Systems partnership program in India. It sets out an impact narrative for different interventions, showing how project activities are translating research outputs to development outcomes.

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