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Local livestock service providers help improve access to animal health services in Nagaland, India

Pigs are an important component of livelihoods and food and nutritional security in Nagaland, Northeast India. Intensifying pig pro­duction to increase income and other outcomes, however, requires an integrated approach that addresses needs for better pig housing, nutrition, health and genetics. To address the heal challenges, a new model for the delivery of animal health services has been developed and tested as part of a Tata-ILRI partnership pro­gram in Nagaland. Continue reading

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Improving pig nutrition using local resources for market oriented production in Nagaland

In Nagaland, Northeast India, pigs are the preferred livestock species and most families rear one to three pigs either for household consumption or for selling or for both. Demand for pigs and pork is growing rapidly and currently outstrips local supply. Intensifying pig production systems and shifting from subsistence to more commer­cially-oriented production could significantly improve local livelihoods and increase cash income for farmers. The main constraint faced by farmers is proper feeding of their pigs. Continue reading