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Piloting a blended learning course for facilitators and organizers of innovation platforms in the Central Mekong

Between 9 and 11 November 2015, the second Humidtropics Capacity Development Workshop in the Central Mekong Region on research for development (R4D) platforms was organised by ILRI, ICRAF, Wageningen University and IITA.

The workshop was held in Hanoi, Vietnam and brought together Humidtropics’ R4D platforms and innovation platform (IP) facilitators and organizers from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. All participants had successfully completed the online modules of the Innovation Platform Training. Topics that were covered included frameworks and tools for stakeholder analysis, developing theory of changes, monitoring and evaluation, communication and sustainability strategies for innovation platforms.

Figure caption: Group photo of workshop participants and facilitators

The workshop’s interactive methods and role-plays created a lively learning environment. Peer-to-peer and experimental learning possibilities complemented the theoretical and practical information provided in the online training modules. Participants also had the opportunity to experiment with making network maps and logic models using state of art software tools such as NetDraw and Xmind. Participants showed great interest in developing practical knowledge on better facilitation, monitoring and evaluation of R4D and innovation platforms.

The workshop also provided important insights in the effectiveness and efficiency of using blended learning approaches. It showed that although online learning can be successful in promoting mastery of knowledge objectives, there is considerable benefit in providing learners with a follow-up opportunity to revisit and apply that knowledge to their own professional contexts. Doing this in the company of peers working with the same challenges provides valuable opportunities to network, reflect and learn.

Blogpost by By Murat Sartas, Iddo Dror, Deborah Wyburn, Lisa Hiwasaki and Marc Schut

Further information about the workshop are available from the following:

Iddo Dror, Head of Capacity Development, ILRI
Deborah Wyburn, Instructional Design Specialist, ILRI
Marc Schut, Social Scientist, IITA, Wageningen University
Murat Sartas, Innovation Systems Scientist, IITA, Wageningen University
Lisa Hiwasaki, Social Scientist, ICRAF

Workshop Program

Workshop Presentation by Murat Sartas on Effectiveness of multistakeholder platforms in delivering development outcomes

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