ILRI’s support for South-South partnership to improve food safety in Asia
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ILRI’s support for South-South partnership to improve food safety in Asia

Mutual learning and partnership among developing countries in Asia can help address alarming food safety issues The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) scientists are scaling up lessons of food safety research and capacity development originally developed in Vietnam to neighbouring countries. Thus far, they have trained more than 100 stakeholders in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand … Continue reading

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Reviewing pig-health research in Southeast Asia

In 2003, the Veterinary Public Health Centre for Asia Pacific (VPHCAP) was established to be a regional information centre on food safety for food of animal origin in countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Since then, the VPHCAP has provided considerable amounts of information for the region’s public health researchers. With the recent commencement of the … Continue reading

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CGIAR Humid Tropics research program plans for the Greater Mekong Region

The Greater Mekong Region is currently experiencing social and environmental change quicker than almost anywhere else in the world.  Spanning south from Yunnan in South China  through Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, the region is an international hotspot for global diversity, poverty, and economic change, and  poses a distinct collection of social and … Continue reading